A Guide To Computer Security

The number of users connected to the Internet is growing at the speed of light. Growing numbers of people are creating their own personal computer networks.

With these, you are able to take advantage of an extremely high speed, immediate connectivity to the Internet and allow this connection to multiple computers within the home. However, those who aren't knowledgeable about computer security, are unaware of the dangers they could be exposed to by putting their computer in danger.

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If you do not implement good security software for your computer Your computer can become infected by viruses, spyware, or ads ware. These are all types of malware that can cause your computer inoperable, erase important data you store and give complete control over a computer to another user and allow them to access your personal information as well as record your keystrokes. 

You could also allow third-party access to your online banking account, allowing an individual to use your computer to hack into the computer of someone or someone else, etc.

If you choose to use wireless networks and you're sharing your Internet connection to neighbors or the person who's been sitting at your front door in your car for the last couple of hours. In addition, you increase the possibility of exposing your personal computer to hackers in the process.