Advice For Post-Divorce

Divorce suits are not limited to legal proceedings to divide spouse's property, calculating child support and other items that are processed by a court, mediator, or attorney – or by a spouse, if lucky enough, to reach an agreement reached on their own.

Life after divorce can be difficult as both parties adjust to the new life and child custody and support, as well as other supports and arrangements made during the divorce process. If one or both parties feel that certain aspects of the arrangement need to be changed after the divorce, they may consider certain legal options. You can also get more information about post-divorce via

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Changes to child support after divorce include requests to increase or decrease the child support paid. For the court to accept this, the party attempting to change the order must demonstrate that the situation has changed. This usually involves a significant change in the income of one party or the income of both parties. This is similar to a change to spousal support or alimony. One or both parties must demonstrate significant changes in income to increase or decrease partner support.

Custody of children is another area of a post-divorce agreement where one or both parties may appear to have changed. To do this, the party must prove that the circumstances affecting the child have changed significantly, which requires a change in the court order. This can include significant displacement, child neglect, or child abuse, among others. Because every case can be different, it is often helpful to see a lawyer to determine whether changing circumstances require a change.