All About Small Business Development Centers

Small Business Development Centers are cooperative efforts between the SBA, colleges or universities, the private sector and state and local government. They provide technical assistance, business counseling, and training.

More than 1,100 SBDCs offer free individual counseling and low-cost workshops for business owners. Many SBDC programs are designed on a local and state basis. This means that they can be tailored to your specific economic needs. To learn more about the functions of a business development center browse the internet.

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Many centers are specialized in one aspect of business. For example, international trade, finance and procurement. Lucky cities may have SBDC incubators, which are large buildings that allow fledgling businesses to not only rent office space, but also receive support in the areas of secretarial and start-up guidance and assistance.

Many people mistakenly believe that advisors at SBDCs are just professors who don't know the real world. While staff at SBDCs may have some academic training, many of them also have business experience. Counselling is available on an ongoing basis. You can see the same counselor every time, so they are familiar with your business.

Small businesses are so diverse that it is difficult to sum up all the help they can receive from SBDCs. Workshop topics include marketing, business planning, and financing. SBDCs can help you locate start-up funds from the SBA and other sources.