All You Need To Know About Snow Bengal Coats

There are many shades and patterns that snow Bengals can display. All Bengals are classified as speckled or rosette, but within the snow distinction, there are a number of beautiful colors that vary between winter white and soft amber. Below we have mentioned some different kinds of snow Bengal coats.

Snow seal lynx Bengals: They have the lightest coat of all snow counterparts, presented in a pale cream color that contrasts sharply with their blue eyes. You can also look for the best snow Bengal cats for sale through various online sources.

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New owners who want to make certain their new family member has blue eyes can count on seal lynx kitten to give – they get this feature from their Siamese ancestors. Their main coat, like that of a kitten's, is usually pure white and changes color with age.

Snow seal mink Bengals: They have a slightly darker pattern than the lynx seal, best described as cream or ivory skin. Seal mink Bengals usually have bluish-green or aquamarine eyes, which makes them one of the most unusual of all Bengal eyes. Their main varnish is a pale cream which is the result of breeding the Snow Seal Bengal with the snow seal sepia Bengal. Snow seal mink Bengals can be hard to find for this reason.

Snow seal sepia Bengals: These are sometimes referred to as "brown snow Bengals" because they represent the greatest contrast in their coat, which is a deeper and warmer beige color that can range from pale to dark.  Their eyes will definitely be green or gold, unlike the other variations of the Snowy Bengal.