Ambulance Service At Your Doorstep

Vehicles transport critical or sick people from one place to another for treatment and in some places they also provide medical care when hospitals are currently inaccessible to patients. It is part of an ambulance service that provides emergency care to people with acute health problems.

Ambulance assistance focuses on remote patient transfers and provides facilities that address all the uncertainties and requirements such as CPR, heart rate defibrillation, temporary pacemakers, excessive blood loss stabilization, and many more. And another essential treatment that can save a patient from death to the hospital.

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This service is also offered in various parts of the city where the support and medical staff are highly professional and well trained. They have a lot of experience in handling injured patients on the way to a specialist center.

This vehicle is primarily designed to transport seriously injured heart patients. The ACLS is ideal for long journeys due to its car design, size, and availability with state-of-the-art intensive care equipment that can safely transfer the patient into the life support system and easily monitor the patient's situation with the desired resources.

A vehicle that serves to transport patients who do not need additional assistance, such as Heart assistance but carry an oxygen bottle for rest and easily carry it on a stretcher to a hospital or dialysis center for emergency care. Vehicles are always ready and carrying medical personnel to treat patients and stabilize the situation.