Celebrate Eid with Special Dishes and Food Festivals

Eid al-Fitr is India's major festival, celebrated all over the world. All Indians and all followers of the Muslim faith celebrate this festival with great joy. Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramzan, and Ramzan is a month of fasting and abstinence. This is also synonymous with breaking bread with family and enjoying traditional cuisine. You can look for the best chicken kebab restaurant in Hanover.

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When Eid in India is translated as very sweet Sevayan or pure Dates, Badam Phirni, Gosh Fragrant Beer, Halim, Shami Kebab, Lamb Food, Pasanda and Zafrani Murh, then you will see what people all over the world are cooking on this Eid. . There are so many Eid Food Festivals.

The Pakistani table is full of shami kebabs, lamb chops, kabula apao, kimme vali tiki, almond murt and of course the traditional sevayan, which is sprinkled with almond slices and is very similar to Eid cooking in India. Have you tried all of these specialty foods?

Egyptians celebrate Eid with traditional kahk, or biscuits, filled with nuts and powdered sugar. In Tunisia, Lebanon and Turkey, Eid is celebrated with baklava or pastries with pistachios and cinnamon sprinkled with honey. Egyptians and Tunisians are busy with special food festivals at special restaurants serving special Eid dishes.

Moroccans celebrate Eid with traditional cuisine. The sweet roll named Krachel is made of orange blossom juice, sesame seeds, flour and anise, while msemen are square pancakes eaten with honey and melted butter. Mechoie is a traditional leg of lamb grilled on the spit, while seffa medfouna, a chicken or lamb, is poured into turmeric covered with couscous and cracked noodles.