Choose Designer Table Lamps For Bedrooms

Choosing a table lamp for the bedroom can be a daunting task unless you really have a good sense of home decor. But that doesn't mean you have to be an expert or major in home decorating. All you need is common sense, a desire to make your personal space look good, and a few basics to know.

The height of the table lamps to choose from will depend on the height of the bedside tables on which they will be kept and the bed itself. You can also buy table lamps in multiple designs using websites like VogueInteriors.

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Avoid large lampshades or bases for smaller spaces, no matter how attractive the design is. Larger lamps or light bases take up more space, which affects your mobility in the room and makes them claustrophobic.

Never choose a very subtle table lamp or a large lamp. This is because you need extra space on the table for an alarm clock, reading books, glasses, water jugs, or other basic necessities.

Always keep the lamp close to the wall of the table so that you have plenty of room for any extra items you usually take with you before bed. Always choose a table lamp with a switch on the cord. That way, you will avoid stretching too much to turn off the lights when you are almost asleep.