Choosing Good Local Dog Boarding In Toronto

From time to time, even the most dedicated dog owner needs a vacation where sometimes your dogs don’t feel comfortable and this is where a good local dog boarding is very helpful to keep your dog happy and safe.

One of the latest developments in best dog boarding in Toronto is the use of a webcam which allows you to monitor your dog while you are enjoying your vacation. The best way to judge which nursery to climb is to visit it. 

When you visit, keep your eyes open and look around and ask the staff lots of questions. Find out what a typical day is for a dog – does he exercise, and if so, how often does this include free-running or just walking on a leash? 

To make moving from house to kennel easier, could you bring your dog bed from home and maybe some toys?

Changing food can upset your dog's digestive system, so a good dog house will allow you to deliver food to your dog. 

Feeding your dog is also an important part of his routine and a good kennel will try to recreate what your dog is used to doing at home. Make sure the kennel ensures that your dog has fresh water available at all times.