Coriander Seeds And Fresh Cilantro Leaves From The Same Plant

Used in many cuisines around the world, cilantro goes by several names, including cilantro, Spanish coriander, and Chinese parsley. It is one of the few plants that provides herbs and spices. 

Usually, the word "cilantro" is used for seeds or ground seeds, and the word "cilantro" is used for fresh herbs. You can also buy fresh coriander roots through the web.

What is Coriander Root

Coriander plants grow to a height of 2 feet with branching, pinnate leaves higher on the stem, and wider leaves closer to the ground.

The small round fruits are yellowish-brown in color and about 1/5 inch in diameter. Each fruit contains two small seeds. The subtle aroma of the seeds is described as a combination of lemon zest and sage, while the leaves have sharp citrus notes.

All parts of the coriander plant are edible, including fresh leaves, dried seeds, and roots. Fresh leaves are a great accompaniment to oriental-style dishes. The seeds are usually dried and crushed or ground for flavoring. 

Before adding coriander seeds to cooking, it's a good idea to briefly fry the coriander seeds in a dry skillet to reveal their flavor. Add seeds while cooking and add leaves at the end of cooking. The root, with its stronger taste, is popular in Asian cuisine.

The seeds contain 0.1 to 1% essential oil, the main component of which is coriander. Although the seeds were once used as a digestive remedy and appetite enhancer, modern medicine only uses coriander to mask the unpleasant taste and smell of the medicine.