Different Hip Hop Dance Styles

It has been in existence for many years but it seems recently it has entered the scene of entertainment with a lot of force. Today, more than ever hip hop is considered to be among the top and most popular forms of dance of our times!  You can also search online to join the hip-hop dance sessions.

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Hip hop first emerged on the streets of the urban centers when street dancers demonstrated their moves to passers-by who were amazed by their skills.

Their original dance moves amazed everyone who took a few minutes to view their performance. The style was not created by choreographers who are professionals the style originated from people who just love the beat of their choice and want to dance to it.

Acrobatics at first was the main attraction that made breakdancing a popular sport on street corners in New York and it took an enormous amount of talent to master the intricate dance moves choreographed to urban beats.

From the very beginning today, we can see numerous variations of dance moves within this genre. The various hip dance styles and popular dances include:


Dancers are improvisers and rely on the beat of the music as well as rhythm, melody, and other elements of the music, which affects their movements and perform their routine. It is helpful to have a repertoire of dance moves that you can perform when you attempt freestyle.


This is a form of hip-hop move that requires dancers to lock into a certain position before moving forward, instead of being in a continuous flow between dance steps from one to another. Locking originated during the 60s in Southern California. A variety of robotic dance forms developed at the beginning of West Coast Locking.


It is a well-known hip-hop style of dance that consists of fast, jerky, and powerful moves that require rapid contraction and relaxation of muscles during dancing.