Environmentally Friendly Wood Cutting Boards

Cutting boards made of wood offer numerous advantages over cutting boards made constructed from plastic or glass. Cutting boards made of wood grain are made of various kinds of wood like oak, birch, pine and many more. If properly maintained it will last for years and even decades.

Wood is able to withstand cuts from knives just like any other material. A light sanding process can bring the wood's surface to its grain. Consider different cutting boards for different jobs. A high-quality cutting board could also be elegant enough to use as serving tray. You can also shop all handcrafted woodwork from Flemming Peterson And Company.

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Hardwoods are the most suitable type of wood grain to use for cutting boards as they generally have more dense and are able to stand up to knives and not take in liquids. Wood-cutting boards are also sought after due to their natural look aesthetic appeal, as well as the natural feel. The inherent beauty of wood grain can add the appearance of a decorative element and also an air of class to the kitchen. 

With the way that the kitchens of today are filled with metal, plastic, and rubber-based tools, equipment and other accessories, a wood grain cutting surface can be a wonderful alternative to modern kitchens. One of the benefits of cutting boards made from wood is that they have a little "give," which means they are likely to protect the knives you purchase.