Everything You Need to Know About Pothole

A pothole is a large hole in the surface of a road, caused by traffic and bad weather. A pothole can be caused by many different things, such as rain, snow, ice, or poor construction of the road. 

However, not all potholes are created equal – some are much larger than others. With constant traffic on the roads, it's easy to forget that even our asphalt is only so thick!  If you are looking for pothole repair, you can simply visit EZ Street Asphalt.

What is a Pothole?

Many people are unfamiliar with the term “pothole.” A pothole is simply a hole in the road caused by water, oil, or other debris being forced underground. The condition can be hazardous, as it can cause your car to hydroplane and possibly flip. Potholes can also damage your vehicle’s suspension and tires. 

To prevent potholes from forming, cities often work to patch them up as soon as they are noticed. In some cases, this may mean filling the hole with gravel or asphalt. If the hole is too large, however, it might require a more comprehensive repair method such as resurfacing the entire road.

How are Potholes Created?

A pothole is created when a hole in the asphalt pavement develops because of water, oil, or other debris. The hole can grow so large that it becomes a danger to drivers and cyclists.