Five Key Industry 4.0 Technologies

The new technologies of Industry 4.0, from mobile computing to cloud computing, have experienced tremendous development in the last ten years and can now be used as a commercially available, interconnected manufacturing system – this is Industry 4.0. This is the key to locating real-time results and data that will take the industry to new levels of performance.

Image Source: Google

However, the concept of Industry 4.0 is not easy. There are five pathways that essentially determine Industry 4.0. 

1. Big data

The development of Industry 4.0 will change the way organizations and solutions work together within these organizations. Teams can make better, smarter decisions.

2. Smart Factory

The Smart Factory concept is a seamless combination of individual production steps from the planning phase to the field driving. In the near future, machines and devices will be able to improve the process through self-optimization. The system adapts independently to the traffic profile with the network environment.

3. Cyber-physical system

Cyber-physical systems are the integration of computers, networks, and physical processes. The responsive physical system, the system uses software to interpret actions and track results. The idea focuses on computers and embedded software where the first use is not computation. 

4.Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a simple term for a spectacular concept. IoT is the connection of all devices to the internet and to each other. As Wired puts it, “It's based on cloud computing and sensor data networks. It is a mobile, virtual and instant connection. 

5. Interoperability

In essence, when we combine the above, interoperability occurs. It is the connection of cyber-physical systems, people, and intelligent factories that communicate with each other via the Internet of Things.