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In Wales, the Oil Storage Regulations don't apply, but you still need to think about following these for moral reasons. If oil out of your website enters the floor then you might be fined and have to pay for the cleanup. You can get the best transformer oil suppliers at

You have to maintain records of all of the toxic waste you create, and total consignment notes if the waste is transferred (more on this later). This applies even if you're exempt from registering as a hazardous waste producer.

How to Store Oil

An acceptable container may incorporate a tank, drum, or browser. It needs to be kept above ground, from where vehicles may bulge into it. The surfaces ought to be impermeable and from drains or some other areas where the oil can seep into the ground.

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Transporting the Oil

As oil is a poisonous material, you should use a registered waste carrier to transfer it, or you must be exempt from enrollment. The exemption applies only to squander police, charities, voluntary associations, and people who exclusively handle animal or agricultural wastes or waste out of mines or quarries.

Consignment Notes

When moving the toxic waste from the premises it should always be accompanied by a consignment note. The waste has to be accompanied by this consignment note before it gets to its destination. This notice clarifies the waste and the way it was created, the sum of who made it, and where it's going. You have to maintain a copy of each consignment notice to get a 3 year period.