Here Are Some Things The MultiPro Tailgate Can Do

The brightest, coolest, and fun part of the new Sierra is the theMultiPro tailgates, which intelligently incorporates a variety of built-in hinges to aid in and out, load stops, second-tier loads, and access to the bed. Let's explain how it all works. You can also look for the best multipro tailgate GMC via

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GMC advertises six different MultiPro functions, but that includes the normal up and down movement of the entire tailgate. It is soft for slow opening, which can be done manually or with two clicks on the remote control.

Inside the full tailgate is a second piece that extends up to a few inches on either side and stops just below the large GMC logo. 

On the inside of this piece is another cover that can be turned back and forth towards the back of the truck. With the tailgate folded down, this internal flap can be used in a number of ways, including as a continuous load stopper.

There is technically no physical handle on the tailgate. Operation is controlled via two buttons, arranged between the two camera lenses, where you would expect a conventional release.

 Just press the top button and the main trunk door remains closed while the small cutout (what GMC calls the inner gate) rotates with two swinging arms and stops parallel to the floor to create a desk-like work area. 

In this configuration, the rear valve can be folded to act as a load limiter for additional loads from the second tier above the wheel arch. For example, GMC cites plywood sheets that are large in comparison to other loads.