How To Buy A Barbeque Smoker – Top Three Tips

Three of my best strategies to save you time and money when you decide what kind of BBQ smoker (cooker) is the best for you. There are several types of smokers and numerous ways of producing smoke and heat that need to be taken into consideration. You can also buy best pellet smoker from

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 I've broken it into three broad categories:  

  • The physical setup of the smoker

  • Fuel type

  • The cost of a good smoker

Physical set-up of smoking. There are basically five kinds of smokers that are suitable for grilling real barbecue:

1. Smoker offset : This is what is likely to be utilized by the most competing teams in an event for barbecue.

2. Vertical smoker : Several manufacturers make vertical smokers. A vertical smoker is equipped with a heat source, typically situated at the bottom, and a water pan that is placed above the source of heat.

3. Grill kettle : Almost every backyard cook owns an HTML0 grill. The most well-known models are manufactured by Weber. 

4. Ceramic or Insulated smoker : These kinds of smokers are constructed of very dense, insulated, ceramic material. They are extremely heat-retaining and cook for the entire day using only a tiny amount of fuel. 

5. The cost of a quality smoker : There are a variety of price points for a barbecue grill. The best ones, though simple, are available at around a hundred dollars. It's possible to purchase one free of charge if you are using kettle-type grills or the gas grill you already have.

These suggestions are only an introduction to what will turn into an entirely new culinary experience for you. I suggest you read all you can on the subject of smoking meat, as well as everything barbecue-related.