How to Choose a Private Investigator in Albany, NY

Important things to consider when hiring a private investigator:

1. Check their license

Private investigators must be licensed by the appropriate licensing authority in the state they are located. Companies offering investigation services need to have a business license in addition to individual licenses. The private investigation firms must have a business license if you intend to hire an investigation company. 

2.  Experience and Specialties

Registering with a professional organization may not guarantee that a specific investigator or company is right for you. Private investigation firms may specialize in specific areas, such as skip-tracing or surveillance. 

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You can verify that the right company is the right one for you by reviewing the company's website, looking at their case studies, and following the media links.

Different levels of experience will also be available to investigators. Many ex-military personnel is also ex-police. Often, the contacts and experiences gained in these previous professions can be very helpful during investigations.

It is a good idea to investigate the claims of investigators and investigation companies before you hire them. You can view their LinkedIn accounts, historical media articles, and other forums to verify their validity.

Is the blog written by the individual or company? A lot of firms that specialize in a specific area provide regular articles on current issues. They may also be asked by the media to speak on behalf of the industry.