Know The Basics Of Wine Selection And Storage

Wine is a very popular alcoholic drink that is ever-present on tables during festivities, celebrations, and other special occasions. This is made from the fermentation of grapes although technically, other fruits or plants can also be fermented to make wines. Different types of grapes and fermentation processes are used to make different types of wine. You can also look for the best wine courses and custom wine programs online via SommWine.

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Wines have varied prices depending on the kind of grapes used and the fermentation and ageing process they have undergone. The finest wines can cost thousands of dollars but of course, there are also affordable wines that are of good quality.


The age and maturity of wine are indicated by its colour. And, a wine that is old and mature has a better taste and fuller flavour compared to the young ones. Young white wines are very clear and pale while the older ones are clear with a golden hue.


You can determine the flavour of the wine based on its aroma which is usually associated with different fruits and spices. Wine connoisseurs agree that the best wines are those that have a complex set of aromas.


Wines can be light, medium, or full-bodied depending on the viscosity, consistency, thickness, and texture. When serving wines during a formal dinner, it is customary to serve the light ones first and save the full-bodied ones for the main course.