Learn The Different Types of Direct Mail

Have you ever noticed the different types of direct mail pieces you receive at home and work? When creating direct mail advertising pieces for your business, don't limit yourself to one type or size. You should consider developing a plan with several types of direct mail.

There are many options when it comes to direct mail. Each has its own "personality" and purpose. Check with your direct mail company to find out which type is best for your business and campaign. These are some of the options available to your business. You can choose the best postcard direct mail marketing via https://www.mailkingusa.com/direct-mail/postcards.html.


Typically, a brochure is a single sheet of paper printed on one or both sides. They can be made on a PC and reproduced with a printer or even a copier. This is one of the lowest cost options for direct mail. They are very informal and to the point.


Postcards are one of the least expensive direct mail items. They give an informal and friendly feeling. They are small and inexpensive to mail, especially if they are mass-mailed in large quantities. A postcard is a perfect choice for a short and daring statement.

However, space on a postcard is limited. There is not enough space for a lot of text. You cannot include long lists of benefits or services. If your campaign is designed to communicate a lot of information, another size will be a better option.


Brochures can bridge the gap between a letter and a postcard. They can be as photogenic as a postcard and still give you more space for your message. Bulleted lists work particularly well in a brochure. They can also be made with a tear-off section for coupons or "to go" deals. Depending on the design, they can be casual, colorful, serious, or stately.

Full-color tri-fold brochures with photos may be the first on your budget. If you have limited means, you may need to start with a lower-cost option.