Proper Ventilation System- The Heart Of A Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens generate a lot of oil and smoke that builds upon the inner walls of the kitchen ventilation system. Lack of regular cleaning of the kitchen ventilation system will reduce airflow, creating unpleasant odors and smells. It also increases the risk of fire in the kitchen, leading to huge financial losses and serious death.

Commercial kitchens cannot operate efficiently or safely without a proper ventilation system. Various filters and safety systems are needed to deal with heat, humidity, smoke, oil, and odors in commercial kitchens. You can also buy the best commercial kitchen ventilation via

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Components of Kitchen ventilation system

To keep the kitchen clean and healthy, it is important to have an appropriate ventilation system in the area. There are many important components of a kitchen ventilation system that help keep the atmosphere clean and fresh. There are basically two main components of a kitchen ventilation system:

Vent hood

Also known as canopies or shells, ventilation hoods play an important role in controlling the spread of fumes, oil, and smoke in the kitchen. Extractor hoods come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Exhaust fan

The next important component of the ventilation system is the exhaust fan, also known as the fan. It can be seen as the heart of the kitchen exhaust system. without it your ventilation system is incomplete. Its main function is to pull out the smoke through the hood ductwork.

Choosing the right ventilation system plays an important role in the proper functioning of a commercial kitchen. It is also important to clean and maintain the kitchen ventilation system properly to avoid accidents.