Proven Advertising Methods from a Copywriting Legend

Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of combining multiple advertising techniques and end up spending a lot more than they should. According to the copyrighting legend, John Caples, if you want your advertising campaigns to be successful, you should focus on a handful of techniques that work best for your brand.

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John Caples believes that the power of your advertising headline can go a long way to attracting your target audience. You need to identify two of the most important components of your headline before starting the campaign. The first component involves self-interest. What do you want to portray about your brand in the ad? This should be followed up with an interest in curiosity. Why should your audience pay attention to the ad? The ad should also work as a call-to-action option so that your audience can get in touch with your company if they want to buy the product or service after watching the advertisement.


When it comes to curiosity, you should try to leverage some type of unique mechanism that specifically focuses on your brand instead of talking about other aspects of your company. This trick works wonders on people as they feel enthusiastic to know more about your brand, products, and services.

Suppose you want to declare a Christmas sale with a discount of up to 50%. You should focus your ad on this offer instead of talking about what your company wants to do in ten years. Sure, you can share your vision, but first, lure your audience into your site with the offer.

Factors to remember while advertising

First of all, you need to understand that modern advertising works differently compared to traditional advertising. Traditional advertising is hard to scale because there is no specific tool or software to count the number of clicks on a link or an ad. But one challenge with modern advertising is you have little time to impress your audience. The ad must be catchy enough to draw the attention of your viewers instantly.

Your audience wouldn't want to use up their valuable time trying to figure out what your ad means. This means you need to be very specific with your ad. Don't play around with words or make the terms and conditions complicated. If viewers have to scratch their heads while trying to figure the meaning of an ad, they wouldn't want to come back some other time. They will either scroll through the page or simply visit another website offering similar products and services.

John Caples wants you to be clear with your ad, not clever. Always be precise and direct with what you want to convey instead of being deep. Don't try to be too clever with your marketing campaigns so that your audience appreciates your straightforwardness. Highlight what the offer means for the audience. Communicate clearly why the offer is beneficial for them. That should hold their attention; not ambiguous words that confuse people.

In his book, John Caples used a quote by Mark Twain that says, "Spiders find businesses that don't advertise and they build webs on their doors, so they can live a life of peace." What does that mean? It means if you don't advertise your brand properly, no one will show any interest to buy from you. That will lead to spiders building webs on the door of your store because they know no one would come.

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Wondering how you can take your advertising techniques to the next level? You can read the entire book from John Caples called Time-Tested Advertising Methods. Coming from a legendary copywriter, you can expect the methods to work for your business and boost your sales volumes in due time.