Rules For Eating Sushi

Sushi is very popular in World, whether you order it as a lunchtime snack or a full meal after a hard day at the culinary school. It is packed with flavor and light on the stomach. You might not be aware that you could be wrongly eating this Japanese dish. 

You can find the best soy sauce for sushi 20 via These are Four rules to follow when eating Sushi.

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 Use your chopsticks

Chopsticks are not something you should be accustomed to, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat sushi with your hands.  It suggests that you hold the upper chopstick as a pencil and place the second chopstick on top of your ring finger. This chopstick should point in the same direction that the first.

Pickled ginger is not a good idea for sushi

You won't be able to taste the real flavor of sushi if you eat it with ginger. Ginger is best eaten after you have had a piece sushi.

Eat sushi in one bite

Never cut sushi in half unless you don't want to make a mess. It is considered poor etiquette to break up fish. 

Don't submerge your sushi in soy sauce

Sushi is delicious enough as it is and does not need to be smothered in soy sauce. It can actually ruin the flavor of sushi by covering it in soy sauce.