Soil Conditioners for Soil Improvement

When the autumn season comes around there's no lack of leaves. There's something which you may do using the leaves which will benefit your backyard/farm. You can use the leaves as a free soil conditioner. You can also know about top soil conditioners such as mulch from

It's principally utilized to enhance the texture of the soil by enhancing both water drainage and retention. It's also excellent used as a mulch, it may suppress weed growth and protect against evaporation, every the earthworm and other microorganisms enjoy it.


Leaves are also an excellent way to cover exposed soil of your garden in winter, piling leaves on the ground surface will shield the soil from erosion because of overly heavy winter storms.

Leaf mold is quite simple to make. Only rake and gather all of your leaves then set them into one area and let them rust. You might even produce a leaf mold bin the same as a compost bin with 4 bets and a wire mesh, or you may even place leaves in plastic bags to decompose.

The containers which you use do not really matter, so long as the leaves get moisture by rain or you'll need to dump the leaves. If you are using plastic bags then you'll have to do a couple of air holes in it.