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How To Care For Your Mushroom Logs?

Start your growth with high-quality mushrooms available at online stores.

Do you want to grow mushrooms? Then one of the smartest approaches in this direction is to get a log. If you don't have enough experience in this field, you might be overwhelmed by the idea at first.

Don't be intimidated. After you get the basics of hanging, you might find that growing shrooms is similar to planting other types of fruit or vegetables. You can visit https://fantasyshrooms.ca/ to get good quality mushrooms.

A few pointers

You can grow mushrooms by buying wood from the market. To meet your needs, you can place an order with any supplier.

Use mushroom stems for planting seeds that are easy to eat. Some tips to keep in mind when planting mushrooms outdoors or indoors.

• The first step

If you buy logs from a supplier, you must remove them from the package and remove the packaging. Just save the type of mushroom with a silver label with the date of inoculation.

You will find a candle cover on the edge and all the vaccination points. The waxy layer will relax over time. It plays an important role in storing moisture.

Within seven to nine months from the date of inoculation, you will find that the log is ready to bear fruit. Sometimes it can be longer and the period can be up to twelve months.

However, this is a rare phenomenon. Regardless of the log data, you must do the second step after unpacking.