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How T-Shirt Screen Printing Work?

Look through your cupboards, cabinets, or the dirty clothes hamper, and you'll probably find some screen printed t-shirts. Tee with images, speech, and the company logo printed on a popular casual shirt.

Have you ever wondered how they get the bright graphics on their t-shirt? The most common process, screen printing, involves several steps and a bit more complex than you might think. You can visit this link to know the screen printing t-shirt.

Each screen-printed t-shirts begin with the design. A digital art file in vector format, like .EPS or.AI, is the easiest to work with because it can be enlarged or reduced to the size of the desired trail without sacrificing quality.

Most printing is done with "spot color" design, which means the design has several distinct colors rather than the full spectrum of the rainbow. These colors are identified according to the Pantone Matching System, or they "PMS colors," which allows an exact color match. The simplest printing project is the design of a single color.

screen printing press machine with a black long sleeve shirt on the press

Next, the screen must be created, one per color. A screen is a kind of like a big stencil. This will allow the ink to be applied exactly where it was supposed to go, and nowhere else. First, a very fine mesh stretched over a rectangular frame.

There are several different options for screen printing inks. The most commonly used ink called plastisol. Made of PVC particles suspended in an emulsion, plastisol ink is easy to work with because they will not dry out if left in the open.

Once the screen is ready and the ink has selected and blended to the right color, the printing process is actually happening. In a simple press table, describes the t-shirt printer, lower the screen on it, and pull the squeegee and ink on the screen by hand for each color.