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Know More About Greenhouse

May can be a bit of a dilemma in the greenhouse. It's a fabulous month for the gardener because everything is growing vigorously, but for the greenhouse gardener, it is often the month that they realize they should have bought a bigger greenhouse.

That's because by May every available space on the benches, staging, shelving, and floor is covered in pots and trays and modules and even growing bags full of burgeoning plants. To know about greenhouse feeding nutrients you can visit https://hydroshop.co.za/6-hydroponic-nutrients

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For the plants that will remain in the greenhouse for the whole season such as the indoor tomatoes, chilies, aubergines, cucumbers, and more, their space is allocated and acceptable. But for the other tender plants that are simply waiting to go outside, it can seem an interminable wait for the greenhouse gardener.

Keep all plants well spaced so that air can circulate freely between them.

Ventilate. It's vital to keep good airflow within the glasshouse and to keep the temperature below 75F if possible. That means on sunny days you need to make sure the windows are open and that there is a good flow of air. Ideally, you need floor level vents and roof vents so that cold air is drawn in low down and released through the roof when it has warmed up.

If it is really hot leave the door open during the day but be sure to barricade it against cats and dogs and other creatures that may cause havoc inside.

If you can't regulate the greenhouse temperature, you need to think about shading the glasshouse. Fit greenhouse shades or blinds, ideally these should be on the outside of the greenhouse and should cover the south-facing glass.