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Tips On Working With A Telephone Interpreting Service

Interpretation services often send out tons of calls and inquiries every day, and each of these calls requires a lot of attention.

When working with an interpreter over the phone, there are a number of things you need to do – and pay attention – to ensure that calls are handled quickly and efficiently, without losing context or other annoying issues.

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Ambient noise and background noise can make it difficult for translators to hear everything that is being said.

When planning a call using a telephone translation service, ensure that both ends of the call (you and the other party) are kept in an area with minimal noise disturbance.

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Choose the right technology

When planning translation services, the quality of the technology is often not taken into account. While it is important to create a noise-free environment, working with technology that allows clear voice transmission is equally important.

The use of cell phones typically causes interference and poor sound quality, which can cause difficulty in interpreting and/or sending messages accurately.

Choose the right technology for your interactions. Multi-faceted conference calls should be carried out with high-quality conference equipment.

When you use Voice over IP technology, trust a more reliable voice conferencing service like Skype. However, please note that broadband quality and / or wireless signal strength can affect sound quality.