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Eco-Friendly Weed Control

Do you have a weed problem but can't support the idea of spraying toxic chemicals in your garden? Fortunately, there are environmental ways to respond to problem plants and prevent them from taking over your garden. The most obvious way to avoid weeds in your garden is to stop letting them grow.

When starting landscaping from scratch, consider leaving weed rags to help resist unwanted growth. (Note: there are plastic versions of what are available, but they are less environmentally friendly.) You can punch holes in the weeds to pass through your plants, and you can cover the surface with a layer of soil that is too shallow to keep weeds from escaping.

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Let it take root. With this method, you can still get weeds that appear on the roots of your plants, but they are much less abundant, and regular checks make it easier for you to remove all of them from your soil.

Just as weed webs can silence weeds, a thick, well-groomed lawn can protect them from your plants. You may think you can cut back on maintenance by switching to cobblestone or gravel, but weeds can be a big problem. A grass that's sufficiently pruned and watered will mostly care for itself.

There are many easy ways to kill or kill weeds. You need to mow regularly to prevent weeds like dandelions from ripening in the seeds. Pouring boiling water on the plants for three to four days will also control some types of weeds. Another method is to spray a mixture of 20 parts of water and vinegar on the weeds.

Dandelion, velvet, donkey thistle, and fat pork are especially susceptible to this organic cocktail. To prevent weeds from growing in large areas like your lawn, sprinkle with corn gluten flour you can find in your nursery. This step is most effective during the growing season. Buying a garden fire is another possible protection against annoying weeds. Weed burning must be done carefully so as not to kill the surrounding plants