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Dog Separation Anxiety: What You Need To Know

Dog separation anxiety is a common problem that many dog owners face on a regular basis and it can be extremely difficult, especially for first-time owners. Here, in this article know about separation anxiety, its symptoms, and tips for treating dog separation anxiety.

treating dog separation anxiety

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a common problem in dogs that can be caused by anything from being left alone for a short period of time to being uprooted from their home and moved to a new environment. 

Symptoms of Separation Anxiety typically include:

-Recklessness or destructiveness when left alone

– Difficulty sleeping or staying asleep unaccompanied

– A decrease in activity levels

– A reluctance to enter rooms or spaces where the owner is present

– Frequent urination or vomiting

Few Tips For Treating Dog Separation Anxiety

There are a number of things you can do to help treat separation anxiety in your dog, starting with understanding the cause. 

Here are some tips:

  • Establish regular routine when away from your dog. This can help reduce anxiety by ensuring your dog knows what to expect. 

  • Try leaving treats and toys out where your dog can see them once you leave, or create a " fetch" game in your absence by throwing his favorite toy. 

  • If your dog has separation anxiety, try leaving him with a trusted family member who can comfort or play with him during the time you are away. 

If your dog has an intense reaction upon separation, so consider meeting with a certified behaviorist to discuss possible causes and treatments.