The Creativity Incorporated In Preschool Teaching in Singapore

For children under the age of five – and prior to the start of kindergarten – there is the option of preschool programs. Preschool may sometimes be offered through the public school system but most often preschool programs are offered through private or religious institutions.

The benefits of preschool teaching in Singapore are numerous, and the ways in which such lessons can be infused with creativity are just as numerous.

The goals of a preschool program are to foster a love of learning and prepare young children for their future school experience; the way that this is accomplished is through creative preschool teaching. Young children of this age are receptive to a variety of information; their brains eagerly absorb all they see, hear, and touch.

Subsequently, preschoolers learn best through play-based programs. Through play, children practice social skills such as respecting each other, working together, and taking turns, as well as taking in the fundamental lessons without being aware of doing so.

Creative preschool teaching means successfully and effectively incorporating core lessons into a play-based curriculum. Such preschool teaching may include ball play that promotes hand-eye coordination, physical games that sharpen gross motor skills, card games that practicing memory retention, writing games that hone fine motor skills, and books and storytelling to further love for reading and language.

The role of the preschool teacher in this capacity is that of a facilitator; to creatively present fundamentals in a way that engages students.