The Different Types of Personal Injury Lawyers in Virginia

When you are considering who to choose to represent you in a personal injury case, there are a few things to keep in mind. Depending on the type of personal injury you have suffered, your attorney could be an expert in particular legal areas, such as products liability or auto accident law. You can avail the benefits of personal injury defense attorney (known as Abogada defensora de lesiones personales in Spanish) from various online sources.

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Here is a look at the different types of personal injury attorneys and what they specialize in:

Civil Litigation Lawyers: Civil litigation attorneys are experts in representing clients in personal injury cases that involve claims against other individuals or businesses. This type of lawyer may be involved in filing lawsuits, negotiating settlements, and representing clients in court. 

Product Liability Lawyers: Product liability lawyers represent clients who have been injured by products that were not properly manufactured or labeled. They may work with scientists and engineers to prove that the product was indeed defective when it was released into the market. 

Auto Accident Lawyers: Auto accident lawyers represent clients who have been injured in car accidents. They may work with investigators to determine the cause of the accident and help their client pursue damages from the other party responsible.