The Positives of Time Attendance System

When the time attendance system came into the market, a lot of people started wondering about its efficacy and efficiency, and the time attendance system gained so much popularity as it requires no manual intervention. You can also get biometric attendance system at

Some of the positives (advantages) of the time attendance system are listed below, you can definitely read these points if you are thinking to purchase a time attendance system for your company:


  • Offices where registers and employee signatures were accepted for presentation, workers did bluff and a lot of proxy attendance problems were there.
  • But when time attendance systems came workers started identifying themself through fingerprints on the specific time and there was no manipulation seen concerning, writing the incorrect time on the attendance register.
  • Attendance is confirmed via a biometric scanner for specific users and hence it is the ideal and preferred method of authorizing individuals in a rigorous security atmosphere.
  • It's impossible to replicate these features (fingerprints) and therefore the prospect of stealing the user name and password has been ruled out making the machine more dependable on password-based access management.
  • The most important benefit that no manual interference is required by the employees or the HR department and payroll can be created easily.