The Ultimate Citadel Contrast Paint Guide

Fortress Contrast Ink provides great results and lasts a long time, but is expensive. The most important factor to consider when buying contrasting colors is whether you prefer to mix your own colors.

Like other acrylics, it is a mixture of pigments, mediums, and other additives to achieve contrasting color properties. You can get detailed information about citadel contrast paint at

Creating a homemade version of contrast paint takes time experimenting with it to find the colors and properties you want, and has the upfront costs of buying acrylic paints, media, and flow enhancers.


Fortress Contrast Paints are expensive per milliliter compared to high-quality acrylic paints. They also have different properties that set them apart from standard acrylic.


Contrast colors are high quality and consistently provide reliable results. They are useful in a variety of techniques, can be easily airbrushed, diluted, or applied straight from a pot.

Make it your own

Yes, you can create your own version of contrasting colors. You can also make or wash your own acrylic paints, or even brushes! The question is whether it is effective and will it take up your time.

The primer and the color chosen are very important for contrasting colors. Don't skip this step and be careful what you choose.

I highly recommend starting with a white, almost white, or light gray base coat. You can paint it any color, but I recommend starting with white / almost white.