What About Dog Direct-Fed Microbials?

Living organisms in the DFM sense (also known as direct-feeding microorganisms) are microbial. This microbial is given orally and can be liquid. Positive results from the use of microbial show results in the intestinal flora, the intestines of dogs, where many types of alternative bacteria actually live and live.

Did you know that the digestive tract of every dog contains more than 400 species of microorganisms? These are bacteria and yeast, fungi and protozoa (they glow in the dark).

How can direct-nutrified microbials really help your dog? Well, your dog can win in about 3 ways we know of, maybe more. Here are some ways your dog can really benefit. Incorporates excellent bacteria that are highly digestible. 

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Another benefit is that it protects your dog from harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia col. You want your dog's colon area to be colonized by good bacteria, so there's no room for the bad species to colonize the area. 

Let's get into the technicalities and use the scientific nomenclature called gut flora which creates an instinctive protective barrier and this is the main probiotic benefit.

The third and final reason is that microbial for dogs can boost the immune system and increase antibody levels. This helps keep your dog's activity level, as well as his white blood cell count, high.

MSE (Multiple Stabilized Enzymes) is a company with a complete plan to support your dog's digestive system. It is also sold as a dry powder, which contains many strains of yeast, mold, and bacteria.