What to Look For in an Air Duct Cleaner In Unionville

The two most common air duct cleaning methods are the “contact cleaning” method and the “strong vacuum air wash” method when cleaning the airways. 

Maintaining and cleaning the HVAC duct systems plays an important role to keep you safe and healthy and ensures that you have good air quality in your house. You can get more information on how to keep your duct system clean via https://prestigeductcleaning.ca/duct-cleaning-unionville/.

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The contact cleaning method for cleaning the air duct involves the use of a vacuum apparatus to maintain constant contact between the vacuum hose and the working surface of the duct during the cleaning process. 

In general, companies that use this type of cleaning charge less for their services, knowing that they can only remove a limited amount of dirt, grime, and debris from the drains and are usually in your home for 30 minutes to 1 hour to perform maintenance. 

The air vacuum cleaning method of cleaning the air ducts involves the use of expensive and powerful equipment that allows the technician to thoroughly clean the entire HVAC system. 

Every ventilation opening in the house has a powerful vacuum that pulls firmly for perfect negative air retention and prevents cross-contamination of dirt in your home during the cleaning process.