Which Lot Is Ideal For Your Handicapped Accessible Home?

If you are planning to build a home with universal design for handicapped or elderly residents, consider where you intend to build it. Different lots have different abilities to support handicapped accessible home plans.

The ideal piece of property for a universal design home is large and as flat as possible. However, such lots are quite rare, which means you must work a bit harder to make your property work well for you.

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For example, if you only have a small lot to work with, the home may require more stories, which in turn means elevator or stair lift installations.

If the lot is steeply sloped, your accessible design plan should incorporate split level design, such that the home has a basement. You can also opt to flatten the land, but due to the manpower, equipment and time that are needed to move dirt, this may become an added expense.

In this case, consider whether a split level home, which will include an elevator connecting the levels, or moving dirt, is the best choice for your budget.

These factors are also important for those who are looking to purchase a lot, where making the right choice translates to getting your ideal home and even reducing costs. You can always get a custom home designed for any kind of lot space that will suit the handicapped or elderly.

If you already have a lot or have spotted the ideal spot for the home, the best thing to do is to get a professional builder to inspect it, particularly one with experience in universal design.