Why Should You Choose A Gambrel Roof?

There are many kinds of trusses that we can find today and a gambrel roof is just one of them. A gambrel roof is a kind of roof that has two sides as well as a central ridge. Both sides of this type of roof actually have two surfaces that are slopping. 

The upper surface of this type of roof is actually shorter when it comes to length and it will also have a much gentler slope which measures approximately 30 degrees. On the other hand, the lower surface of the gambrel roof is actually longer than that of the upper slope and the slope is much sharper which measures approximately 60 degrees.

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The Advantages of Gambrel Roof

Even though this type of roof is not very elegant to look at, there are still a lot of advantages that you will be able to get from it. One advantage is that you will have more headroom under this style of the roof because there is a steep angle of the lower slope on both sides of the roof. 

You can actually make use of this spacey headroom and turn it into an attic or perhaps an additional bedroom. 

Another great thing that can be noted when you consider this design is that the design can actually withstand extremes of weather which is very ideal if you are located in areas where weather changes are greatly unpredictable. This roof trusses type is also very easy to construct.