All You Should Know About Forklift tyres

All You Should Know About Forklift Tyres

Forklift trucks have to keep on the move and for this, they need well-maintained forklift tyres, wheels and casters. Here are some things you should know about them.

Like tyres for cars and trucks, forklift wheels have standard specifications. You might have any type of forklift of any brand, but their tyres will be classified according to certain characteristics. These are, generally, by the size, pattern, ply rating, rim width, inflated dimensions and load capacity.

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In choosing tyres for your truck, you can choose between pneumatic wheels, pneumatic-shaped solids, cushion tyres, and poly wheels. Pneumatic wheels are like car or truck tyres: they are made of rubber and filled with air. Pneumatic-shaped solids are like pneumatic tyres but are solid rubber, whereas poly wheels are made of polyurethane.

Poly wheels have the advantage over other types when it comes to electric forklifts or trucks driven over flat surfaces. They’re smoother, have lower rolling resistance and thereby extend battery life. Most electric forklifts in use are now equipped with poly wheels.

When a forklift has to be driven over rough, uneven terrain where traction is a must, pneumatic or cushion tyres are preferred. They both have treads that provide traction and can handle the loads more effectively.

The advantage of the solid tyre over the pneumatic type is the length of service and it is impervious to punctures. This means that you don’t suffer any downtime because of a flat tyre.

Forklift tyres are the critical components of the truck so knowing as much about them as possible can help you choose the right tyres for the right truck.