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Study Of Bhagavad Gita As It Is And Surrendering To Krishna

The following is a collection of quotes from prisoners about their experiences reading the Bhagavad Gita, such as:

One can attain happiness and peace by surrendering to Krishna and the six promises of Lord Krlshna: Verse 2.66 says, "One who is not connected to the Supreme (in Krsna consciousness) cannot have intelligence or a stable mind, without which there is no possibility of peace and tranquility.

 How Can There Be Happiness Without Peace?

I was very impressed with Bhagavad Gita because it answered my question and when I wanted to read something specific I looked for a general index and it led me to what I wanted to read. I learned from the Gita that we are not this body but the spirit soul (Bg. 2.2).You can can also get  Introduction to Bhagavadgita at Hindu University of America 

 how to study Bhargava gita, learn how to study Bhargava gita


Sri Krishna's Six Promises Are: 

  • (1) Therefore, Arjuna, remember me always (Bg. 8.7)

  • (2) Always be careful to think of me (Bg 9.34).

  • (3) Those who always serve Me (Bg. 10.10)

  • (4) My dear Arjuna, who is engaged in my pure devotional service (Bg. 11.55)

  • (5) Just direct your mind to Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead (Bg. 12.8)

  • (6) Always remember Me, be My devotee (Bg. 18.65) (Gordon Shaw, he practices Krishna consciousness very earnestly, Salem, OR)

My mind was completely absorbed in God the whole time. One should concentrate his mind on the eternal form of Lord Krsna (God) with the conviction in his heart that Ka (God) is supreme, whom he worships. (James Spark, Carson City, Nevada)

If I'm right about anything in my life, it's because the Gita contains all the answers I need in life. Although I still don't understand much of what I read in the Bhagavad Gita, I know I am looking in the right direction; I have to keep reading the Gita and study every day.

Key Advantages of Online Learning

If you want to learn in a flexible and convenient manner then online learning is the best of all options and is stated at the top of everyone's choice. Even Though some might debate about it, e-learning is not only tough but is also challenging as it takes more of your energy and time, it also takes specific skill work on the computer and different strategies than normal classrooms. You can get  best online courses in Australia at


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If you really want to enjoy your online studies then you should keep in mind the following points.

The first and foremost key point to successful e-learning lies in persistence. You need to be determined and even if situations get difficult on the technical part you should seek help when required.

In order to make Online courses a success you need to manage time effectively. There will not be any predefined schedule for classes and without that, you will be left with much time in hand. Everything being online makes you at ease and free from constant alarms and you no need to make any assignments, but this is where you need time management.

And the third point to ponder is: To develop your skills in communication, try to take time from discussion groups, chat room office hours, text messaging or cell phones. Speak with confidence and everything will be in your favor. 


Five Things You Should Expect From a Child Care Center In Sacramento

Parents have certain expectations of their caregivers. Some expectations may be slightly higher than others, but there are certainly five things to expect from a children’s center in Sacramento.

Reports – It is not unfair to expect a written report from the children's center. Reports can be weekly or daily. With reports on behaviour, diet, sleep and other daily activities, you can easily see how your child is adapting to the situation.

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Respect Your Wishes – Daycare centers should work closely with parents to help them raise their children the way they want. If, as a parent, you do not want your child to eat animal products, this should be respected. If you prefer your child not to eat sweets, this should also be kept in mind.

Come whenever you want – you should be able to drop by any time your child is in daycare without having to call first. You should be able to pick up your child at any time. It is expected that the daycare center will be by your side in looking after your daycare center and your arrival and departure are welcome as you wish.

Mutual Respect – It is important to note that you and your child care center show mutual respect in all conversations and relationships. It's not uncommon for parents to complain about judgmental and downright abusive day workers when their child misbehaves in daycare.

Answer questions – your child care center should be able to answer your questions about your child. It is reasonable to expect that a daycare center that can raise your child for up to ten hours a day will be able to answer questions about your child's daily behaviour and activities.

Quran Learning Program For Kids Via The Internet

One of the benefits that people will enjoy when learning the Qur'an online is that it can be accessed from anywhere. Therefore, it is an option that anyone can access no matter where they are. The only thing people need is internet access and that's it. Since many people usually have computers, the Qur'an should be something useful for children.

Where people live can also determine whether the choice of Quran is used for children or not. Since these Quran courses for beginners are attended from everywhere, they can also be taken at home. Therefore, people living in areas that are not completely safe can choose this option. This is a relief for parents because they can invite their children to receive this Qur'an for children while watching. Because of this; is a great way for people to check on their children at any time.

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When people study the Quran online, they need to know that they are receiving quality service. This is possible because the people who talk to people during the classes are highly trained and have excellent mastery of the Koran. This makes them just as competitive as if people needed to go to where the course was being held.

There are also many language options. The most common languages people speak include English, Arabic, and Urdu, among others. That's the flexibility people need. When people study the Quran online, they will get everything taught because there will be no language barrier.

Learning Quran for kids online

We usually look at books that provide us with reliable and legitimate information, thoughts, data and statements. In this sense, as soon as our children start studying the Qur'an for children, we tend that this Qur'an of Allah also revolves around the unambiguous subject that this edition of the Qur'an clearly reveals start and can display a sequence divided into segments and sections. 

Similarly, at a time when these exchanges may continue in a very reasonable order, our children tend to expect a different and precise schedule of Islamic instructions and guidelines for each orderly part of human life. Now you can easily learn beginner-level Quran online classes via

If you currently choose the Koran for children's learning, it will be easy for children to get it without leaving their place because all you need is an extensive group web association, which you can get by connecting with your local network access provider. Then you need an iPad or laptop or a desktop frame with a control frame. You need a plan to start learning Tajweed Online and are considering taking a standard Quran course.

Another good thing that people will notice when studying the Quran online is that they are given more attention. This is because they will be dealing directly with the teachers of the Qur'an. This is one of the factors that make people's chances of getting everything they need very high.

What Are The Ways To Find Your Child In France Is Ready For School Or Not?

If you are looking for a school for your child in France. Firstly, find that “Is your child ready to go to preschool?” How do you know if your child is ready for preschool? These are some simple ways to find if your child is ready to start preschool.

Preschools in France and around the globe follow a consistent routine. It is important that they follow a set schedule and don’t compromise on it. This gives children a sense of order and balance in their lives. 

If your child has a routine at home, such as playtime after lunch or sleep time after bedtime, he will be able to follow the same routine in preschool.But it is important to find minimum age requirement to go to school.It is good option to determine ideal age by using school age calculator (which is also known as ”calculateur d’ge scolaire” in French language).

age calculato

You can get your child enrolled in France preschool if he or she is of minimum age, which is ideal to go to school.Preschool children receive instructions on how to complete any task. If your child listens to others and follows the instructions, then he will easily adjust in a school environment. 

It is important that your child understands the importance of cooperation. This includes waiting patiently for his turn, sharing toys and favourite items with other children.

Preschools offer a break for the children after lunch. This allows for them to rest before returning to school.The child will better adjust in the school environment if his /her age is right.So, find minimum age which is required to start school before looking for school for your children.

What to look out for in a sleep consultant?

All know what's online today – anyone can apply for anything, so first make sure your sleep advisor/coach/person is certified. All of the consultants are trained in infant sleep neurobiology and behavior, age-appropriate sedation techniques and best sleep practices through our extensive, internationally registered training programme.You can take advise from for making your baby sleep better.

Before making a decision, there are a few things to consider before investing in a sleep advisor:


Little Ones is a very affordable alternative (about the cost of an email consultation with a sleep counselor) for years of advice and support!

Availability and accessibility

When you have a restless baby who doesn't sleep, the last thing you have is patience and time – you want help. Sleep counselors work at scheduled times and with extended families, often with long waiting lists, so their availability may not necessarily work for you and your family.

Sleep program is just a click away and easily accessible via the mobile app. The programs are accessible to anyone, no matter where you live in the world, and the certified sleep consultants are ready to answer any questions you may have.

The master sleep program can also be used for up to 3 years. So if your baby suddenly sleeps worse, this program is at your disposal. You can also contact the sleep consultant if you have more children later.

Aged Care Courses In Brisbane Help You To Provide Ideal Senior Citizen Care

If you are a young person looking to work in a rewarding career that serves society and doesn't compromise your ideals, it might be a good idea to learn that caring for the elderly is a positive fit.

This career involves caring for the elderly and there are many educational programs as well as practical training programs available. This type of job is challenging and rewarding because it requires that the caregivers must take on responsibilities that not only benefit the elderly but also provide a safe environment for their loved ones. 

You can get best aged care training in Brisbane at However, clients will still need to hire you because of the shortage of qualified elderly nursing staff and professionals.

aged care courses Brisbane

Once you have completed all necessary steps to ensure you are able to provide senior citizen care, you will be looking for an organization or network that organizes caregiver professionals.

These professionals can either be employed individually or in a team made up of professionals from the community. Or you could offer your services as a freelancer. You will eventually find a senior citizen (or a couple, or even a whole group in the case of homes for the elderly) whom you will be caring for based on their current and future needs.

How Professional CV Writing Helps Your Career?

In regards to applying for jobs, the competition is simply extreme. There are many job seekers out there attempting to discover the next best chance. But in the majority of the instances, getting shortlisted is the very first thing prior to being considered for a meeting. Among the keys to becoming shortlisted is the CV. Professional CV writers do that day in and day out. 

They work with people from other businesses. Thus, they understand exactly what the recruiters in a variety of sectors demand out of their prospective workers. Hence, they save you the opportunity to find it out on your own.  Thus, you don't have to be concerned about developing an ideal curriculum vitae or CV. You can know more about professional CV writing via

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Well, just copying and pasting some arrangements will not help you a lot. The content, arrangement, and also how you present yourself to get a specific function makes it possible to differentiate yourself from the rest of the audience. For this reason, it's crucial that your CV format, content, and structure should reflect a modern strategy. 

Otherwise, you'd find yourself becoming lost in the audience. Thus, when you leave it to the experts, you do not need to be worried about it.  As an example, you might like to search for the activity verbs.  However, by selecting a CV writing service, you don't have to worry about that. A cover letter is vital. Regrettably, lots of job seekers don't offer any heed to the cover letter. 

They believe that because they shipped their curriculum vitae, it might suffice. But, it's crucial that you obtain service from a business which provides cover letters. Thus, make the time to comprehend which of those service suppliers would do a fantastic job. This excess record is critical and should accompany your CV.


Benefits Of Choosing The Baby Sleep Advisors For Parents

Child psychologists and other experts have powerful tips ready to help you ensure that sleepless nights don't last longer than they should. Here are a few things you can do to help make that easy night a reality sooner or later:

1. Be attentive.

We all know that each of us is unique. When it comes to babies and their sleeping habits, the difference can be in the way they entertain themselves. They can differ in the amount of milk they need to feel full and sleepy. You can search for the best baby sleep support via to manage the good sleep habits of your baby.

2. Adjust your expectations.

Just because a certain expert says a baby should sleep doesn't mean the baby will automatically have the same pattern. Once you know your baby's preferences, apply them as you see fit. 

If your baby only needs an hour of sleep a day, use this model that allows them to sleep only for short periods of time. The same principle applies to sleeping at night. Remember, however, that you are still experimenting. So don't expect instant results.

3. Stay open and flexible.

Some models last forever while others last only a day. Babies change their preferences in the same way we do. Always adapt to your baby's needs and adjust accordingly. Be prepared to switch to another method if a certain method doesn't work.

Apart from the benefits of reviving your old life, you also get the opportunity to get to know your baby's wants and needs better. Take this opportunity to bond with your baby and be the best parent to them.