Five Things You Should Expect From a Child Care Center In Sacramento

Parents have certain expectations of their caregivers. Some expectations may be slightly higher than others, but there are certainly five things to expect from a children’s center in Sacramento.

Reports – It is not unfair to expect a written report from the children's center. Reports can be weekly or daily. With reports on behaviour, diet, sleep and other daily activities, you can easily see how your child is adapting to the situation.

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Respect Your Wishes – Daycare centers should work closely with parents to help them raise their children the way they want. If, as a parent, you do not want your child to eat animal products, this should be respected. If you prefer your child not to eat sweets, this should also be kept in mind.

Come whenever you want – you should be able to drop by any time your child is in daycare without having to call first. You should be able to pick up your child at any time. It is expected that the daycare center will be by your side in looking after your daycare center and your arrival and departure are welcome as you wish.

Mutual Respect – It is important to note that you and your child care center show mutual respect in all conversations and relationships. It's not uncommon for parents to complain about judgmental and downright abusive day workers when their child misbehaves in daycare.

Answer questions – your child care center should be able to answer your questions about your child. It is reasonable to expect that a daycare center that can raise your child for up to ten hours a day will be able to answer questions about your child's daily behaviour and activities.