Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist For Teeth Whitening Process

If you have to forget a hot or cold drink and food because of the teeth sensitivity for a while, it might be the time to make a promise to know the root causes. There are several causes of sensitive teeth and learning causes are the first step in effective care.

Causes of sensitive teeth

Damage tooth enamel is the most common cause for sensitive teeth and toothache. Enamel is a hard and translucent outer layer of light that provides a hard and smooth surface. This is what protects gear porridge, roots, and nerves that are inside. These components are important in supplying teeth with nutrients to remain strong and healthy and remain safe and supported by jawbones. If you are looking for the teeth whitening treatment then you can visit at

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When the tooth enamel is destroyed and weakened, teeth components are smooth, such as nerves exposed to external elements such as air, fluid, food particles and bacteria. This exposure produces pain and sensitivity.

There are various habits that can destroy and weaken tooth. Adequate form of treatment for sensitivity will depend on the severity of the damage to the tooth enamel. 

Inappropriate oral hygiene. Ignoring to brush your teeth and threads can cause the remaining food particles stuck on the surface of the teeth and nest between teeth. When these food particles rot and break down, plaques and cavities destroy acid are produced.