Christening Gifts – Giving Blessings For A Baby

In the Christian Faith, if you intend to bring your child up as a Christian the first step is to get the child christened. This used to be a strict religious requirement but although it is still taken seriously. The baby blessing ceremonies is one the best thing happened for the child and for the parents too.

Depending on your church, it will depend on how strictly they adhere to your visits before and after baptism. Some pastors are happy to see you on regular visits, while others don't mind as long as you attend church on major occasions. Some don't even need it! 

The basis of baptism is to make children agree to believe in Jesus and repent of their sins. These are traditional requirements, but in recent years how a baby or toddler can agree to these things has been questioned.

Because of the seriousness of this promise, some prefer to accept the blessing and let the child decide for themselves when they are old enough.

When you've decided what kind of service you want, work things out with your pastor. They will help personalize the ceremony and advise you on all the preparations for when they most want to have the ceremony, such as in their big Sunday service.

Some churches will ask for more information about the faith and baptism of parents and godparents. Historically, a child's godparents have to be people with strong Christian beliefs and people you can trust to take care of your child should something happen to you.