Do you Know What Causes Extra Humidity in Homes?

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Do you know what’s the ideal humidity level? There’s something more difficult and that’s maintaining the right humidity level indoors. In case of less humidity, your house will dry out to create an upsetting living environment. And when the level is high, mould grows that can trigger symptoms of asthma and other allergies. While high humidity can be more problematic, here’s what causes the extra moisture.

  • Showering: A shower can release a huge amount of moisture into the air. And humidity increases with the warmth of the water through the shower. To combat the situation, reduce the temperature and duration of the shower. Also, put the bathroom exhaust fan to direct the steam out.
  • Cooking: Same as showering, you will create more moisture by boiling or using the kettle. A high moisture level in the kitchen can cause cupboards to warp and make the paint sore.
  • Drying Laundry: Drying laundry manually is a step towards saving the electricity bill. However, when you use the dryer, water from your clothes will automatically vent out. But hanging clothes indoors add lots of water to the air. You can get rid of such problems easily. Hang clothes in the basement can help transfer humidity away from the living space. Investing in a dehumidifier near the clothesline can help by pulling the moisture out of the air.
  • Ventilation: Ventilated homes will have cleaner and healthier air indoors. While this prevents mould growth, it also keeps the unpleasant air away.

However, if the basic tips don’t work, you can call professionals for mould removal and asbestos testing in Newcastle to deal with the issue.