Important Role Of Immunoassay

Immunoassay plays an important role in the governance of life sciences as it is the point of much research and biological research. Immunoassays are easy to perform, but developing these tests requires knowledge of many areas of immunology and protein chemistry. However, most scientists are antibody & Elisa experts very narrow in field of study. They may not have the background or time to do their own medical tests. 

Creative Diagnostics Researchers are focused on test development and have extensive experience in developing immunoassays. They have the knowledge to develop reliable, sensitive and specific immunoassays covering a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, oncology, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and psychiatric disorders.

Based on unmatched experience in developing highly precise diagnostic antibodies used in ELISA kits, competing for ELISA kits and colloidal gold immunochromatography strips, Creative Diagnostics has a great number of diagnostic kits for the quantitative detection of enzymes, proteins, peptides, antibodies and drug derivatives from samples. biologics obtained from preclinical animal studies and human clinical studies.

He identified self-screening antibodies and a method of making recombinant proteins adapted to develop an immunoassay. The staff of scientists follows strict quality control guidelines with an emphasis on general optimization and validation of all aspects of test development, including antibody specificity, test sensitivity, reproducibility, kit stability, etc.