Luna Ceiling Lifts – The Smart Solution In Australia

In today's healthcare industry, ceiling lifts have proven to be the smartest solution for lifting, moving and transporting patients with disabilities. A number of companies engaged in manufacturing these ceiling lifts in various specifications to meet customer requirements.

Portable Luna ceiling hoist have a patient sling, a system with motorized rollers or a motorized block. This device is integrated into the mobile battery lifter. Ceiling lifts have slings or straps that help patients lift while lying down, walking, or exercising without weights. Ceiling lifts are installed with a multiple rail system to meet lifting requirements.

Rail systems are available in a variety of forms including freestanding/semi-permanent; single lane – to move the route through several or individual rooms; 2 ropes – for moving through the door; and XY truss system – to move along the X and Y axes, ceiling lifts are available with manual remote control to control the lateral or transverse movement of the lift during raising and lowering.

Realize the benefits of raised ceiling technology, which include:

o Persons with disabilities can be moved from room to room easily and effortlessly without stress or risk to caregivers.

o Furniture that is never intrusive does not need to be removed for easy removal of the attic lift.

o Optimizing the use of space by installing it on the ceiling.

o Can be operated independently by users with sufficient upper body strength.

o Mobile ceiling lifts are easy to use and easy to install.