Main Benefits Of A Direct Drive Wheel For Sim Racing In Melbourne

Direct drive wheels are relatively new additions to the world of sim racing, only being around for the last few years. Best direct drive wheels offer sim racers a new way to immerse themselves in the racing experience, and although they are expensive, they come with several key benefits.

direct drive wheel

So, what are the main benefits of a direct drive wheel? The 3 main benefits of a direct drive wheel are:

  • More power than gear and belt-driven wheels

The power and quality of the force feedback of a direct drive wheel lies in the powerful motor that the wheel is attached to. This drives the wheel itself and provides all of the torque, meaning there is no need for belts or gears to amplify the power. This is obviously more expensive, but it allows for much stronger, and even faster, force feedback.

  • More accurate force feedback

Along with the more powerful force feedback, direct drive steering wheels also provide you with more accurate force feedback too. The lack of belts and gears means that all of the power goes straight to the wheel, and this means there is no absorption of higher frequency details by any other mechanical parts.

  • Very little maintenance required

The final main benefit of a direct drive wheel is the fact that there are so few moving parts. The wheel is connected directly to the motor, and so this means that there is no need to worry about the wear and tear of belts, or the crunching of gears that may lead to problems with excessive use. This makes direct drive wheels a more reliable long-term solution.

These are some of the benefits of direct drive wheel. These benefits are enough individually to set them apart from gear and belt-driven steering wheels, but when they are combined, they make for a very realistic sim racing experience.