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Plumbing History We Should Know About

Every living organism requires water for its survival. For humans living in cities, we are bound to receive water from the plumbing system. Indians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, and the Chinese were the first nations where the plumbing concept was introduced. Today, the modern plumbing system has become an integral part of crop irrigation, portable drinking, public baths, and more. Let’s dig in the history of plumbing.

  1. Baked clay and straw were initially used in the making of plumbing pipes in the early days. Moreover, Egyptians were able to make one with the use of copper wires. The Egyptians were also the first to dug a 300feet well.
  2. The Greeks were the first who introduced the concept of cold and hot running water. Moreover, the Greeks also introduced the concept of shower technology made for the Olympic games.
  3. Speaking of nation wise, the Romans came up with water channels in order to transfer water from the mountains to different cities. With the help of the introduction of a modern water system, water from mountains can reach out to many places.
  4. 1738 was the year where J.F.Brondel invented the first valve-type flush toilet.
  5. An interesting fact about plumbing is that Queen Elizabeth I received a gift from John Harington by giving her a flushable toilet. Receiving this gift made her really scared on the first use.
  6. 1775 was the year when Alexander Cumming introduced a modern toilet.

With this brief historical information on plumbing, you should consider bathroom renovations in Coffs Harbour area.