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Will Crowdfunding Replace Wall Street for Small and Mid Size Companies?

Since the beginning, the concept of crowdfunding has turned ahead and raised questions in the minds of those who find this concept. Some leading investors have arrived as far as saying that this might only be a catalyst that will change the way small and medium enterprises will increase their capital in the future. 

There is a time when American companies usually go to the stock market only to float instruments to raise startup capital to maintain their expansion plan. Lately, it has changed and raised funds has become much more difficult. You can get efficient Indiegogo marketing services for the better profitability of your business.

The bank has become more careful when providing loans and this has left small businesses and beginners without the remaining options rather than perish or search for alternative fundraising methods.

Crowdfunding: Saving Million Lives

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By raising a public request ban, the SEC has allowed more companies to advertise through media channels about the arrangement of their personal equity funding. This has provided a big advantage for crowdfunding. 

The work law makes capital more accessible for startups by introducing these provisions. SEC at the same time tried to attack their regulations, and the business was waiting for crowdfunding investments available to non-accredited investors. This should have much greater economic potential.

The last two decades have seen a stable decline in the small IPO section on Wall Street. The stock market that is seen as a fast source of money for those who seek startup capital of up to $ 5- $ 10 million, has seen less than $ 50 million raised for small or medium enterprises. This becomes more complex with the introduction of electronic or digital stock markets. 

Which One Should Choose: Kickstarter Vs Indiegogo?


Today, crowdfunding is largely identical to Kickstarter. It is the largest crowdfunding platform there. The Kickstarter campaign has raised more than the US $ 2w. It hosts 95,000 successful projects, has a total of 9.7million supporters – supports multiple campaigns. 

More than 100 (132 actually) has broken the $ 1 million mark. A further 2355 campaign has raised more than the US $ 100k. You can visit Samit Patel to get more details about Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Goliath offers 15 categories of crowdfunding campaigns. Film and video, music, and publishing the most popular categories (you will find most campaigns are enrolled in one of these), but it was a game, technology, and design category that really excites supporters. 

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These last three are the least funded in the site (for the record, Wednesday afternoon is the time when most supporters put their hands in their pockets). Kickstarter gets a fair bit of coverage from the media and bloggers. 


Initially focused exclusively on independent films (hence the name) Indiegogo start accepting projects from each category year after its launch. Established to provide more opportunity for supporters of Kickstarter, Indiegogo is usually considered a less stringent platform. 

It is available in more than 200 countries and provides more categories (24 vs Kickstarter 15). It also provides support control over whether they want to keep (all or nothing) or flexible (creator gets whatever amount they collect) model.