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What Are the Benefits of Remote Deposit Capture for Businesses?

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a process that checks the use of the bank scanner to create digital images of checks, which are used in place of a paper check. It is a very secure method of carrying out bank transactions.

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By eliminating manual check processing and transportation of physical checks between financial institutions and their customers, business RDC offers the following benefits.

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Fast Clearing Time

RDC enables companies to capture check deposits at the branch location without transporting the check to the branch. By eliminating the need to transport documents to branch locations, RDC allows the company to process more checks in a given period.

Ultimately, the ability to process a higher volume of examination is the representative of faster clearing time.

Increased availability of funds

Instead of waiting for days for the funds to appear in your account, businesses often see the funds on the same day or the next working day.

Improved cash flow

Faster clearing times and increased availability of funds result in improved cash flow results. The financial benefits of improved cash flow can be calculated by using the business Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), which is the business return on every dollar invested.