Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Bankstown: Recovery and Treatment

Did you just recently get your wisdom teeth removed or are you doing a little research before your procedure? Well, don’t worry! Don’t get it twisted or let others steer you wrong. Wisdom tooth Extraction doesn’t have to be a painful experience and in actuality, recovery time can actually be very quick with the correct care and treatment.

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What are wisdom teeth exactly? Wisdom teeth are each of the four rear molars which normally begin to appear between the ages of 18-and 21, although they have been known to appear at any time.

Once they begin to show, your dentist will determine when they should be removed. Before removal, your dentist will give you a local or general anesthetic for numbing the extraction area, depending on the individual’s pain threshold and comfort. After the tooth is removed, some patients will require stitches.

Not to worry, most of the time these stitches will dissolve in only a few days, although your dentist will give you the details.

What to do after surgery?This is where your recovery time can be sped up and where your pain can be reduced quickly.

1. Your dentist should have already instructed you to do so, but gently bite down on a gauze pad from time to time and change pads as they become absorbed with blood. It sounds a little gross but this is something you’ll have to do.

2. Do not lie flat, as it will prolong the bleeding. The faster the bleeding ceases, the faster you’ll be on your way to recovery!